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Why is Modern Software Complex? And whos to blame by Sam Burrows Microservice Geeks

Most of the time, people can’t give a clear answer or aren’t authorized to make decisions. Furthermore, some specific user stories may require several meetings to be decided upon. Still, a decent developer can abstract the parts of the code that aren’t clear to make it more flexible, since at the end of the sprint, they must showcase something ready.

So today’s developers, for the most part, don’t have to deal with that type of stuff unless they’re being sloppy. Instead, as the article stated, it’s more about the massive amount of distributed connectivity and networking. Software engineers in the ’80s and ’90s did a great job of solving many of the early complexity issues. Now we have a new breed of complexity which is just as bad for modern developers, and which we will hopefully solve in the coming decades. They’re a shit pattern and make no sense unless you’re huge. The only benefit they provide is that you can add more instances in a more granular level.

modern software development complex

Those collective experiences are the sources of prescriptive, applied or actionable knowledge that guide forward-looking practices. Instead of a simple collection of relevant explicit elements (e.g., success or failure), the implicit part of LL (e.g., recommendations) should be captured and accessed for future complex systems development. Notwithstanding its importance, structuring and sharing the implicit part is a far more difficult undertaking compared to the explicit part . The most common form of communicating LL within and between the automated systems department and the other departments, such as the sales department, CS, etc., is via e-mail, phone calls or offline chat.

And H.J.; data curation, H.J.; writing—original draft preparation, Y.Z. And H.J.; writing—review and editing, Y.Z.; visualization, Y.Z. All authors have read and agreed to the published version of the manuscript.

Software Development Tools And Solutions

It is astounding how many bugs can be caught if someone else has a quick look at the code. I use it at work most days when I don’t have any planned meetings, and it works wonders. I am not using it every day, since sometimes due to meetings spread out through the day, it adds an unneeded layer of structure. You can get away with overestimating; however, it has to be with a reasonable amount, since if you want 50% more time, then most likely people won’t give you any extra time. For example, let’s say that a project is estimated to take two months to complete.

  • Allows teams to work on a project and make changes and additions during software elaboration to effectively achieve a project goal.
  • Design Principle 1, “human-centered”, was applied by encouraging awareness and empathy, which enables the workshop’s participants to unfold the problem.
  • By doing the work one specific subsystem at a time, any changes, enhancements, and reworks can be done while the development team is concentrated on that specific part of the software.
  • I can write an entire article on how ego ruins promising software projects.

Referencing Design Principle 1, these stakeholders and their needs were elicited by empathetically understanding human needs with respect to their experiences about the current LL management for automated systems projects. The following activity was to further investigate the existing knowledge flow of LL in the automated systems department. By reviewing existing procedures, a process map of the workflow was created to describe the “As-Is” situation. With a holistic view , the process mapping provided a graphical overview of the workflow in terms of automated systems projects and its linkages with other relevant workflows in the operating environment. Based on that, a root-cause analysis can then be executed to seek the root causes of why the case’s organization has an undesirable situation in the LL management for those projects. In considering the performance dimension , improvement areas can initially be identified.

What Technical Debt Is And How It’s Measured

None of these things are strictly bad but if you do then for the sake of doing them and even worse entirely by the book in the most strict sense then what you have is ten to a hundred times the complexity needed. By requiring dependencies to be at the currently supported version, the team can find and fix issues with newer versions quickly, or change to alternatives with fewer issues or safer updates. For more peace of mind, do partial or canary deploys on updates, affecting a small subset of customers before the full rollout. The panel featured hundreds of switches and indicator lights, essential complexity to run the plant. But the interface design was confusing — it did not clearly distinguish between working valves and open valves. As a result of this accidental complexity, a critical valve stayed improperly open for many hours during the accident, releasing radioactive material.

modern software development complex

There’s nothing I can’t achieve in procedural programming that I can achieve in OOP. Compiled languages and heterogeneous cloud platforms don’t really belong in the same sentence, and compiled languages with homogeneous cloud platforms aren’t anywhere near a silver bullet either. Quite frankly, most of the actual programming that I learned during my time, wasn’t very useful at all. I keep hearing old guys talk about how we should have more trade schools and less colleges and universities. But the reality of technology and the human mind is that as technology advances it becomes more complex to apprehend and the human mind is not advancing as rapidly as technology is. As a result we need more and not fewer specialists, which means we need more college-educated people, and not fewer of them either.

Treating Modern Software Development Complex Issues

The blog can definitely be trusted in terms of information as the writers post purely based on their personal experiences and knowledge. You will find plenty of code examples and innovative techniques here. It’s perfect for developers who’re focused on Microsoft technologies, especially .NET- based languages, SQL Server, Sharepoint, BizTalk, server platforms, and other software.

Arm continues to accelerate IoT software development with new partnerships – EE Journal

Arm continues to accelerate IoT software development with new partnerships.

Posted: Mon, 07 Nov 2022 08:00:00 GMT [source]

The last contract I worked on, I designed a strategy and framework aimed to do just this. And short circuiting that anti-pattern means the business had programmers that could move around within the organization more easily which helps prevent ‘the one person empire killed by a bus’ issue. There was a team responsible for the framework and how it and things built on it are deployed, tested, and released, and the business oriented teams could focus on delivering value to the business. Before that, the different teams were using whatever shiny thing popped up next. There is just too much available and like the article said, it is a study in entropy. Don’t let the rapid evolution of software development intimidate you, follow the tips in this blog to bring the human touch to Modern Software Development Complex issues.

Arm continues to accelerate IoT software development with new partnerships – EE Journal

I recognised that my own thinking has long been influenced by one of my hobbies, I like to read and learn about science. I am interested not just in the findings of science, but also in the organised approach to knowledge acquisition that it represents. Science is humanity’s best approach to problem solving, so it should certainly be applicable to a difficult, technical discipline like software development. Well, procedural programming makes it more difficult to explode your program’s state into a large number of tiny encapsulated pieces that all must interact through interfaces that you have to design and implement. That’s because the old guys you’re around are right-wingers who feel like they were left out of the upper class by all those smart people, and they’d be just as smart if they just made school easier.

modern software development complex

Complex systems have a past that heavily influence the present. The decisions and happenings in the past shaped what the system is now, and this is something that cannot be reversed. Concentrates on developing the right product with minimal cost and no error. The Agile Development Life Cycle is the continuous growth and improvement of the development cycle. Following the agile process steps, the software is reviewed by the team for any defects, errors, faults, and the registration of winnings and losses, prior to the release of the final product. Allows teams to work on a project and make changes and additions during software elaboration to effectively achieve a project goal.

Tips To Become A Better Digital Marketeer

And if it’s approved, then a plan is made about how to migrate or phase out the old stuff. For a five-person application project under 20k lines of code, extensive typing just gets in the way. For 50+ team members, the payback for the extra code investment is better.

By no means comprehensive, it can span from cloud and mobile through to internet-connected products, integration strategies of application programming interfaces and new application models such as blockchain and microservices. The best way to deal with this characteristic is to use an experimental approach that can be able to fast respond to emergent changes in the environment. Being able to enact digitalization for LL management is becoming a necessary skill for modern learning organizations. According to Garvin (p. 78), “a learning organization is an organization skilled at creating, acquiring, and transferring knowledge, and at modifying its behavior to reflect new knowledge and insights”. Skills reflect the organizational agility in response to the fast-changing business landscape in the digital age. The form of LL management is thus often viewed as definable and customized knowledge flows within an organization that can confront concrete operational situations.

People add a task queue to their environment, and don’t realize how to use basic flow control. People have multiple servers running the same codebase, and don’t know how to use transactions . Learning how to use locks and threads is a big one that people are missing out on in a microservice environment. Depends upon what “old guys” you’re referring to since computing had it’s root in academia.

modern software development complex

This means you can do a lot less in a single loop, which is very much what they are trying to stop you from doing. However, it means you still have the same problems to solve and you have to do it in more loops with greater complexity at a higher level. Or, as his colleague, head of devops product marketing at AWS, Emily Freeman, said in 2021, modern software development is “a study in entropy, and it is not getting any more simple.” Figure 8.Search criteria of lessons learned in the digital platform.


The customized design of the LL flow is aligned with the design principles of the human-centered digitalization approach. This part of the solution was co-created together with both knowledge creators and users with a focus on human needs (i.e., stakeholder needs in the case) in LL management . It is mapped into the existing organizational process and fits the overall setting of the operating environment (i.e., the organization and its existing digital platform) . The visualization of the detailed actions in terms of a task-based path is helpful for the co-creation process . The newly designed LL flow is well-reflected as a continuous process throughout an automated systems project .

I fail with this from time to time and it has yet to create a positive experience. Every time I let my ego loose, I make things worse and then I have to fix issues before we can continue working on the existing problems. If something is taking more time than expected, don’t keep this to yourself. You may get some help, you may get some more time, and some less important features can be pushed back. Although doing prior research and testing the service can reduce the time spent, usually there isn’t time to research the third-party services that will be used before the development cycle begins.

Why Drummers Make Great Software Engineers

The list of requirements to get from idea to a simple white screen that just displays “Hello world” was so mind blowing that I nearly fell out of my chair. I’m sure there is some “no code” click together solution, but I wanted to go from raw code in a text editor to a working app. In their mind, APIs are future and SQL/JPQL are the past and should be forgotten, despite it’s very much a best practice to use the best tool for the job. I blame the blind worship of Google and the management cargo cult. So, I have been doing this for a long time and have watched as HTML & Perl/CGI gave way to the horror show that is today.

Only in this way can the customized LL flow in the case’s organization stimulate a continuous learning process and aid risk mitigation during systems development. For instance, the risk of extra project hours on reoccurring errors could have been avoided by implementing earlier LLs, which represents a significant economic value for both the case’s organization and its customers. From the stakeholders’ evaluation, this study contributes to case’s organization towards a modern software development complex modern learning organization in digital times. The importance of learning from experience is incontrovertible; however, little is studied regarding the digitalization of in- and inter-project lessons learned in modern organizational practices. Drawing from design thinking and systems thinking theories, we further outline the design principles for guiding actions and provide a case study of their implementation in automated systems projects for maritime industries.

By means of a case study, we present how they can be implemented in a real-life example—automated systems projects for maritime industries. The case embarks on a journey into customization and digitalization towards desired solutions by the case’s organization. The findings of this study and future research opportunities are concluded and discussed at the end. We adopted a case study method to illustrate the application of the proposed human-centered digitalization approach and its four design principles in real-life practices. The key purpose is to advance the in-depth understanding, interpretation and discussion of its application on the customization and digitalization of LL management for complex systems development projects within an organization. A case study is known as a strategic qualitative research methodology and has proven to be a rich method to investigate a single case .